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Yona Cardboard Headboard

Yona Cardboard Bed
shea (Wellington, NZ)
Its Legit

Sceptical at first, but purchased it and surprisingly they not wrong.
Its stable, can hold a big guy like me and doesn't make much noise when tossing and turning. Would like to mention, if you have wooden floors it is hard to set up with one person as when you pull the base out it retracts back, would rec getting a rug under the bottom to get the full length of the base.

However pretty happy for what it is.

Yona Cardboard Bed
MJ (Auckland, NZ)
Strong and sturdy

I'm morbidly obese so the fact this bed base can support 3200kg was the main reason why I chose this yona super king bed base. To be honest, I really didn't believe it would but I was pleasantly surprised to be absolutely wrong in this case. I've launched myself like a humpback whale and had visitors come test it out too. I have an ecosa mattress so combined I have a really firm solid bed with a little bit of cushioning in the perfect place. I've had really great nights of sleep ever since. The affordable price and flexibility when I move house are all bonuses. The only downside for me was because I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, I had limited space to set this up. It was more challenging for me because I struggled to bend down to clip the cardboard pieces together. Took me about 4 hours and my base isn't setup perfectly in a square-ish shape but it's mostly right. Anyway, I love it and I'm going to purchase another one shortly for my second bedroom.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Jenna Carroll (Brisbane, AU)

Yona Cardboard Bed

Yona Cardboard Bed
J Hebden (Wellington, NZ)
Strong as hell

I love mine it is strong but would recommend if u get a double or queen or King set up with 2 people so that you can get the right size for ur mattress and get it to sit right

Yona Cardboard Bed
Haley Maxwell (Tauranga, NZ)
Happy customer

We have pirchase x 2 Yona bed bases!

1 x King and 1 x Queen

Easy to put together and surprisingly really sturdy considering that they are made of cardboard.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Maureen Muller (Hamilton, NZ)

Great product, perfect for our small space. Very sturdy and does the job perfectly!

Yona Cardboard Bedside Table
Rohan (Melbourne, AU)
Unexpectedly strong and sturdy

Quite unexpected value , got the bedside table with the bundle and it fits very well with the whole beds aesthetic. It's also quite sturdy and can hold all the stuff I would put on any other bedside table including. It held my dads cpap machine quite well as well. By it self, it's a bit pricey in my head but with the bundle it was quite a good deal.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Cindy Henry (Auckland, NZ)

Yona Cardboard Bed

Yona Cardboard Bed
ellen Pearson (Melbourne, AU)
Its good

Its good.
Quite low and also no storage space underneath.
Hard to set up on own.
Having some kind of carpet under would help and another person to help you.
I had a double, i did it on my own but not too easy.
Over all its good. Light to move on own.
Very conveinient. Fast delivery. Helpful and responsive staff on the website when i had questions.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Joe P (Sydney, AU)
Worked well, quick to set up and pack up

We bought ours for a guest bedroom to set up temporarily when guests were staying. It set up quickly and was sturdy and reportedly comfortable. Pack up was also quick and stores back in the shipping box. Recommended

Yona Cardboard Bed
sarah reynolds (Auckland, NZ)
The Little Cardboard Bed That Could

I was super extra very excited when my Yona arrived (that sounds very naughty) yet on setting it up I found it to be awfully narrow and quite
l - o - n - g. 'Did I order the wrong size?', I exclaimed. 'Oh no, that means my mattress will be the wrong size! I'll have to send them both back and sleep on the floor and my back will hurt and no one will ever love me!' Contacting the Yona team, that wise owl Benji allayed my fears; it was the right size, I'd only stretched out. Benji said after I unlatched the connectors I should push it (gently) forward, letting it widen into place. His solution worked perfectly! Now my bed and mattress are in harmony and nothing was returned! My back still hurts and nobody loves me but that's not Yona's fault; in fact, I bet when the word gets out that I have a Yona, people will be lined up outside my door just begging to sleep with me. On the Yona, of course! Get your minds out of the gutter! No really, it's a great bed. Do yourself a favor: get one.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Rebecca (Perth, AU)
White king base

I was extremely sceptical with how the base would work. Some of the photos I saw looked too much like cardboard for me which turned me off. However, for the amount I thought I’ll give it a try. It is hands down the best bed base I have ever had! It does not look too much like cardboard as long as it is put together correctly. It is extremely sturdy. I will be purchasing for each of my children.

Yona Cardboard Bed
prudence young (Coffs Harbour, AU)

Such a fab bed! I love it for its simplicity and easy set up, lightweight frame

Yona Cardboard Bed
Leanne Eastway (Sydney, AU)
Love our new spare bed

I was procrastinating about buying a new base for our spare room bed as it is a small attic space and getting a bed frame up there, setting up, cost etc was delaying my decision. I found Yona’s cardboard bed a fantastic option, light, affordable, easy to store away, strong enough for my 20yr old son and his girlfriend and perfect for a smaller space/low ceiling. Very happy.
Highly recommend.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Taneille Soutar (Melbourne, AU)
Best bed base

Moving into a new place and the timber floors are so uneven and my original bed base was shaking and squeaking. After doing research came across the yona and thank the heavens I have. This bed base is so sturdy and forms to the floorboards whilst still keeping the mattress supported and flat. Bed base doesn’t make a sound and even when someone else hops on the other side you don’t feel any movement on yours. LOVE IT

Yona Cardboard Bed
W.K. (Brisbane, AU)
Awesome bed

Great bed may be simple but works fantastic and can hold a lot of weight I struggled to find a bed that could hold my old weight but it did no problem

Yona Cardboard Bed
Sue Lancaster (Christchurch, NZ)
Great buy

We purchased the Yona as a base for our granddaughter and it has worked out perfectly. We can fold it away when we are not using it and it was a very cost effective option. She loves sleeping on it.

Yona Cardboard Bed
J.S. (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Super easy to put up, had a little trouble pulling it out on the carpet but managed to get it in position in the end. Super sturdy and doesnt make a sound. Love that it’s inexpensive, easy to put up and take down and doesnt weigh a lot. Definitely recommend

Yona Cardboard Bed
M.W. (Brisbane, AU)
Sturdy Sleep

Setup is quick and easy, holds my king mattress with no faults whatsoever. Can’t recommend a better budget sustainable bed base then Yona

Yona Cardboard Bed
L. (Melbourne, AU)
This a winner

I bought the King single.
Set up was as expected. Needs some concentration for the first set up but from now on will be easy.
Need to be delicate moving it around on carpet so the cardboard doesn't get frayed but it's pretty sturdy.
I had my first guest and used this with a simple foam mattress I have, with a mattress topper. It was firm so I might get another topper.
I didn't want to spend huge money on a bed I would only use occasionally and I needed something that would fold away because I use this room as a gym.
I would recommend this to anyone. It was a great solution and is sturdy enough to use every day.

Yona Cardboard Bed
K.R. (Brisbane, AU)
Such a great bed base!

I was able to set it up on my own. It arrived so fast in the post, too. I share my bed with my toddler that wakes up at a pindrop and this bed base is silent, I'm able to ninja roll off and raid the kitchen while she sleeps.

Yona Cardboard Bed
B.S. (Sydney, AU)
great bed

Great bed. Amazing.

Yona Cardboard Bed
Astrid O’Neill (Sydney, AU)
Whoa, nice!

Got this for a super king mattress and it works so well! Love that it gives us more time to choose a bed frame... eventually.

Yona Cardboard Bed
C. (Melbourne, AU)
Awesome and convenient

This is the perfect bed base for someone who tends to move around a lot. Very sturdy and makes life so easy. It helps that it’s very pretty too. Would recommend to anyone. And if you were looking for a sign to purchase, this is it.